Designing and building control panels for the U.S. Market

UL is the main certifying organisation in the United States. It develops standards for products, functional solutions and installation rules. UL has laboratories that certify products submitted by manufacturers who wish to export to the U.S. They also certify that locally made products comply with applicable standards. In US industry, UL standards play the same role as IEC standards in Europe. Harmonisation efforts are underway.

The most frequently encountered problems with control panels are:

  • Circuit breakers refused in spite of UL Certification.
  • Non-Compliant electrical clearances in a wiring distribution block, pre-wiring system or device.
  • Absence of name plates or incomplete indications of control panel characteristics.

This section provides you with technical guides, short circuit current ratings (SCCR), Co-ordination tables and other information to help you ensure trouble-free approval of your UL-compliant control panels.

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