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Wireless pushbuttons

Wireless and Batteryless pushbuttons

​The Harmony XB5R plastic and XB4R metal range of wireless and batteryless pushbuttons are used for various building utilities (automatic doors, lighting, etc) industrial applications (conveying systems, automotive, MMM, logistics, food and beverage) including explosive atmospheres for mining, dust and gas environments. They are based on two types of devices, transmitter and receiver which communicates via 2.4GHz radio transmission (free worldwide band).

Simplified installation

  • Reduction in installation costs and time
  • No set-up needed due to ready-to-use Plug and Play package
  • Freedom of mobility around the machine process
  • Ideal solution when you need to add or move a control function

Easy maintenance

  • Requires no battery maintenance and assures permanent availability
  • Maximum availability of control functions
  • Eco-friendly Green technology
  • Minimize post-installation maintenance

Designed for the industrial environment with proven robustness

  • High resistance to contamination from dust (no cable entry)
  • No risk of cable damage or loosened screws on the transmitter
  • 22mm operating head available in plastic and metal, 40mm impulsion mushroom black head allowing operation with gloves
  • For automatic doors, the rope pull switch command can be set anywhere
  • Suitable for the most demanding environments, depending on the model, up to IP66 for external use from -25 to 70oC

Assured performance and distance

  • 25m with the receiver installed in a metal electrical cabinet
  • Boosted to more than 300m with use of external relay antenna with the receiver installed in a metal electrical cabinet
  • 100m in free space

Smooth integration through open protocols

  • Integration into industrial automation via field bus link
  • Modbus serial link: as found on all Schneider Electric PLCs
  • Modbus/TCP: integrated into the Schneider Electric PLCs and HMIs

Architecture solutions and applications

  • Design to easily integrate into MachineStruxure architectures for OEM machine buildings and PlantStruxure architectures for process environments

For further information on the Schneider Electric wireless batteryless pusbutton or to arrange a product demo please contact us. You can also download further product information below.


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