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Wireless LAN 1100 - What do you need to connect today?

The demand for data and information flow is growing. You need to get your machine networked with the absolute minimum fuss.

The new WLAN1100 provides a compact space saving solution by combining an access point and antenna in a single device. Two powerful antennas with MIMO technology ensure fast and stable wireless in your application. In contrast to the classic concept, it is installed like an antenna directly onto machinery, mobile vehicles or control cabinets, rather than inside the control cabinet, saving valuable space.

The two integrated high performance antennae with MIMO technology ensure reception wherever it is needed. This concept offers the user not only a cost-effective but also extremely simple WLAN machine connection. There is no need for expensive WLAN planning or installation of antenna technology.

As the wireless module does not require space in the control cabinet it is simple to retrofit. It is attached using single-hole assembly and via a Combicon connector and RJ45 Ethernet connector, as usual. The wireless module is also suitable for tough industrial environments. It is shock proof according to IK08 and therefore even withstands stronger mechanical loads.

Use the new WLAN 1100 wireless module from Phoenix Contact to very easily install fast and stable WLAN network on your machines. Featuring integrated antennas and extreme robustness, the space-saving module has been carefully considered down to the last detail for applications in machine building.

  • Inexpensive - WLAN 1100 combines an Access Point and antenna in a single device. It therefore provides a space-saving and inexpensive WLAN connection for your machine.
  • Easy to mount - The wireless module is as easy to mount as an antenna thanks to single-hole mounting. The connection is made using a COMBICON and RJ45 Ethernet connector. Since it does not take up any space in the control cabinet, it can be easily retrofitted.
  • Reliable - Two powerful, integrated antennas with MIMO technology (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) ensure fast and stable wireless reception wherever it is needed. This significantly increases the robustness, speed, and range of your wireless communication.
  • Space saving - Like an antenna, WLAN 1100 features a compact mounting solution and can be mounted directly on machines, mobile vehicles or control cabinets. Since it does not take up any space in the control cabinet, it can also be easily retrofitted.

For further information on Wireless LAN or to arrange a product demo please contact us. Alternatively you can download our useful ‘Industrial Ethernet - Quick & Simple explanation of key terms” brochure below.


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