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What are the advantages of efficient thermal management?

What is thermal control?

The reduction in size of modern day components, the generalisation of electronics and the availability of new electrically powered products have made temperature management into a growing need which must be considered when designing electrical and/or electronic panels and switchboards.

Thermal management of electrical panels and switchboards is a major factor for industrial maintenance. Many risks are incurred by not having a suitable thermal solution, which can affect the service life of the components and the performance of the facilities to the extent of causing a ‘downtime’ in production. The service life of the components also depends on the temperature and humidity conditions inside the enclosure. The ideal values range from +25 to +35°C for the temperature and 40 to 60% for the relative humidity (RH)

Cooling & Heating Control

For the same reasons as the IP/IK protection ratings, equipment installed in enclosures requires suitable thermal protection. There are various solutions available according environmental conditions, such as the type of components within the cabinet. In certain cases it is sufficient to oversize the enclosure, use fans or air-air exchangers. In cases where the ambient temperature is higher, it becomes necessary to install air-water exchangers or cooling units.

Control of the internal enclosure environment is essential for system reliability and longevity. AJ Hurst can provide thermal management products and advice to cover every possible application. By providing us with basic panel and component information we can also calculate the right solution for your environment using our ProClima software. Our product offer from Texa Climate Control and Schneider Electric includes:-


  • Forced ventilation systems – Filter fans
  • Air-air exchangers
  • Air-water exchangers
  • Cooling units


  • Anti-condensation heaters


  • Thermal control accessories

For further information on our thermal management products please contact us or download a brochure below.


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