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Schneider Electric - Harmony eXLhoist wireless remote control for hoisting applications

Introducing Harmony eXLhoist – the complete solution for reliable and intuitive crane control

How do you increase the ease of controlling your hoisting operation without compromising safety? Meet Harmony eXLhoist, the innovative wireless remote control solution from Schneider Electric. We have designed it on the back of our extensive experience in the hoisting market to make controlling cranes both easier and safer.

With Harmony eXLhoist, you have everything you need to build a complete operator solution that will maximize the efficiency of your hoisting application:

Ergonomy - Designed for intuitive operation The buttons of Harmony eXLhoist are positioned in a way that enables easy one-hand operation. It allows the operator to control the crane without focusing on the buttons and to concentrate on the load instead.

Availability - Maximize the uptime of application

Thanks to innovative battery technology, you gain a very high ratio: time to charge/autonomy. Charge time for the battery is only 15 minutes, so you do not need a back-up.The estimated lifetime of the eXLhoist battery is around five years, which is double the life of a traditional battery.

Innovative operator control offer for hoisting applications

The Harmony eXLhoist range of wireless remote control systems provide complete and innovative crane operator control solutions to: improve the machine and crane operator efficiency, enhance safety for people and equipment, and to reduce installation and maintenance downtime.

The remote control system XARS is a combination of remote control device (or transmitter: XART) and base station (or receiver: XARB), which transmits commands and information from the operator to the machine and vice versa by a wireless transmission means.

The XARS system offers movement in 3 directions (for example: hoist, bridge, and trolley) at 2 speed levels (low and high) for each movement.

The 2 modes available in the system are:

  • Single mode: the remote control device controls one base station
  • Tandem mode: the remote control device controls 2 base stations simultaneously.

Radio Communication

Each base station have a unique identification code managed by Schneider Electric. The frequency of radio communication is 2.4 GHz and the automatic frequency hopping permits up to 50 systems working at same time in an 100 x 100 m/328 x 328 ft area.

eXLhoist Configuration software

A free of charge software with graphic user interface can be downloaded by the customer to configure the remote control station. This software has a standard Windows® interface. The configuration file is password protected and allows to configure the following parameters:

  • Base station pairing to remote control device
  • Relays-pushbuttons assignment and interlock
  • Access and re-start sequence
  • Time-out duration to standby
  • Machine number assignment


The degree of protection for Harmony eXLhoist are:

  • IP 65 for base station
  • IP 65 and NEMA 4 for wireless control device
  • Product certifications for base station: UL/CSA, CE, EAC
  • Product certifications for wireless control device: UL/CSA, CE, EAC.

Schneider Electric is the only worldwide automation supplier to offer a complete range of hoisting solutions, from simple control systems to global automation solutions. With AJ Hurst you too can benefit from their expertise and many years of experience in the market to help you to find the right solution at every stage of your installation life cycle. For further information on eXLhoist or to arrange a product demo, please contact us. You can also download a product brochure below.


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