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Salvo - Prevent drive-aways

Safety at the loading bay is critical and one often hears the much - touted statistic that the loading bay accounts for a quarter of all factory and warehouse accidents. The most serious problem is premature vehicle departures and although many vehicle restraint systems have been tried, operators have mixed feelings about them. Salvo links the articulated trailer to the loading bay door during the loading of goods. The Salvo forces the driver to immobilise the trailer prior to the opening of the bay door. If the trailer is not locked in place, loading cannot begin.

Developed in partnership with one of the UK`s leading logistic companies, Salvo prevents the accidental drive-away of a vehicle during the loading or unloading of goods at a loading bay. A quarter of all factory and warehouse accidents occur at the loading bay. The most serious accidents are caused by premature vehicle drive-away. Dealing with the aftermath of an individual accident can be difficult and costly. Factories can be shut while the safety authorities carry out their investigation. Insurance claims may need to deal with damaged goods, equipment and personal injury. Salvo prevents such injuries, safeguards the workforce and supports loading operations.

Safeguard your workforce - Preventing vehicle drive-aways has been proven to negate risk. Salvo offers the simplest and most reliable means to immobilise vehicles during loading.

Improve loading efficiency - Salvo has been seen to improve the efficiency of the loading operations by improving communication between the yard and the loader. Salvo provides immediate notice that a trailer is ready for loading, or loading is complete.

Improve security - Salvo ensures the loading bay door cannot be opened until a vehicle is in place at the loading bay. This reduces the likelihood of unauthorised access into the building via the open door.

Quick installation and implementation - Salvo is installed quickly and efficiently in just a few hours with minimum disruption to normal working.

Simple to use - Operating procedures for yard and warehouse are virtually unchanged.

For further information on how the Salvo system can help you or to book a product demo, please contact us. Alternatively a brochure may be downloaded below.


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