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Portable hand-held crimping devices for fast conductor assembly


CRIMPFOX 4 in 1 (manual)

The CRIMPFOX 4 in 1 range has multi-functional crimping pliers for processing conductors and ferrules. Using only one tool, you can implement various work steps: cutting, stripping, twisting and crimping. The newly integrated 4-step pressure lock also enables use in industry. For an online video demo of the CRIMPFOX 4 in 1 please click here

Your advantages

  • Integrated pressure lock ensures consistently high-quality crimping
  • Up to 30% time savings since the process steps required for assembling conductors can be carried out using only one tool
  • Visualized process flows directly on the pliers simplify operation
  • Robust and durable due to use of resistant plastics and annealed metals
  • Compact and lightweight

Main Features

  • 4-step pressure lock
  • Working range: 0.5 mm2 ... 2.5 mm2
  • Ferrules in magazines available in various cross sections and in strip form in accordance with DIN 46228-4

CRIMPHANDY (battery)

Portable hand-held machine, battery-powered, for processing reel ferrules, 1.5 mm² with function end, suitable for PVC insulated conductors (H07V-K), incl. battery, charger, one strip of ferrules, and charger, packed in a robust case. The CRIMPHANDY strips, fits a ferrule and crimps in a single step. For an online video demo please click here

Your advantages

  • The product innovation for switchgear manufacturing – the CRIMPHANDY. You can strip and crimp your conductors in under two seconds using this portable hand-held machine, taking 75% less time than before
  • Consistently optimum results thanks to the automatic monitoring functions
  • Unlimited mobile use thanks to battery operation and magazine
  • Dimensions; 70mm (H) x 43mm (W) x 205mm (L)

Main Features

  • Square crimping
  • PVC/PE conductor insulation
  • 2 second working cycle
  • Weight 430g

Using the CRIMPHANDY tool is on average four times faster than conventional stripping/crimping methods…still not convinced? Why not check out the CRIMPHANDY wiring competition!

For further information on these products or to request a demo please do not hesitate to contact us


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