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Modular device circuit breakers from Phoenix Contact

Device Circuit Breakers

Phoenix Contact offers a range of circuit breakers that can be installed quickly and easily and help keep your plant running smoothly. In the event of overload and short circuit, device circuit breakers selectively shut down the faulty circuit. All other system parts remain in operation. Phoenix Contact offers a range of solutions to help you increase and maintain your system availability. Start video.

Thermomagnetic circuit breakers

Thermomagnetic Circuit Breaker
Thermomagnetic Circuit Breaker

Ideal for use in information and communication technology as well as process engineering.

  • Compact design
  • Variable connection technology - either push-in or screw connection.
  • Maximum overcurrent protection over long cable paths
  • Remote signalling concept enables monitoring from any location
  • Protect 230/240 V AC control voltage with the aid of the M1 characteristic curve

Electronic circuit breakers

Ideal for use in automation and communication technology.

  • Compact design
  • Variable connection technology - either push-in or screw connection
  • Remote signalling concept enables monitoring from any location
  • The reset or control input can be switched by means of remote control
  • Active current limitation, even when switching capacitive loads

Multi-channel, electronic circuit breakers

Multi Channel
Multi Channel

Ideal for use in machine building, process engineering and control and systems manufacturing.

  • Nominal current assistant facilitates the setting of nominal currents and provides optimal system protection
  • Overvoltages and surge voltages will be identified, loads will be switched off reliably
  • Electronic locking mechanism prevents accidental changes to the current values
  • Fine nominal current graduations from 0.5 to 10 A in just one device
  • Dynamic current limiting for a better utilisation of the upstream power supply unit

Device circuit breaker boards

Ideal for use in standard machine production or in control and process engineering. They can be fitted individually with thermomagnetic and electronic circuit breakers.

  • Device Boards
    Device Boards

    Reduced installation time

  • Save up to 35% space with the compact design
  • Fuse protection of up to 12 A per channel
  • Four loads can be protected per channel
  • Integrated group remote signalling ensures that you are always kept informed
  • High current carrying capacity of the board supports supply of up to 60 A
  • Looped-in relay contacts are also protected using the device circuit breaker

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