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Kanopy - Lighting solutions for petrol station forecourts

Lighting petrol station forecourts can be extremely costly especially when operating a 24 hour premises when the filling area must be lit throughout the night but customer visits may be infrequent in the early hours of the morning. The canopy must be lit effectively so as not to deter potential customers however the energy costs incurred by doing so can be extremely high, the Dexeco Kanopy luminaire provides a simple solution to this problem. The Kanopy is available with two lumen outputs and beam angles ensuring it can be used to replace both HID and fluorescent luminaires. Dexeco can also offer a range of custom sized trims to suit the existing cut out in your canopy to ensure that no expensive modifications are required during installation.

With two sensor options, the R11 sensor for presence detection and the R44 sensor for both presence detection and daylight regulation, the Kanopy can be programmed to dim back to lower output during periods of absence ensuring that the canopy remains lit whilst providing large energy savings throughout the night. Both sensor types can be programmed with our REA-AP controller from ground level ensuring that the settings can be easily modified allowing you to customise how long the luminaire remains at full output for and the level to which it dims back to along with a range of other customisable settings.

The Kanopy provides rapid return on investment against both fluorescent and HID luminaires through a combination of low cost installation, highly efficient LED sources providing up to 125 luminaire lumens per circuit watt and sensor control ensuring that the luminaire is only operating when necessary but without compromising the appearance of the station during hours of darkness


  • Canopies
  • Petrol station forecourts

The benefits of LED lighting

  • Long life, low maintenance cost – If used for 10 hours everyday the lifespan could exceed 10 years, offering savings through reduced maintenance costs.
  • Extended lumen maintenance – HID and fluorescent lamps have a far shorter life with higher lumen depreciation meaning lamp changes have to be made far more frequently (as often as every 9 months for HID) in order to maintain the required light level.
  • Fully dimmable – Being able to fully dim LEDs makes for greater energy savings and extended lifetime.
  • Glass & mercury free – Unlike fluorescent and HID lamps, LEDs have no brittle glass casing. This combined with being mercury free makes them the ideal choice for food safe environments where contamination must be avoided.
  • Rugged durability and reliability – LED lights have no fragile filament or tube. They are generally more resistant to cold temperatures and shock, relative to HID and fluorescent lamps.
  • Flicker free operation – Switch start and discharge luminaires exhibit flicker whilst in operation. This stroboscopic effect can be dangerous in areas with moving or rotating machinery and can also trigger epilepsy. LEDs operate with no flicker.
  • No UV or IR – LEDs produce no Ultraviolet or Infrared which offers wider application potential.
  • Extremely wide operating temperature range – Can be used at very low temperatures but also suited to warmer environments.
  • Instant light – LEDs have no ‘run-up’ period or re-strike delay which can occur with HID lighting. Unlike fluorescent and HID lamps, LEDs are not affected by switching. Therefore, regardless of switching cycles LED life will remain the same.
  • 5 year system warranty (terms and conditions apply, please see our warranty page for full details).



  • White powder painted steel housing.
  • Internal injection moulded optical cover with 8,700 lumen version.
  • Internal Miro 851 reflector to maximise optical efficiency.
  • Clear polycarbonate diffuser.


  • Up to 125 luminaire lumens per circuit watt.
  • 87% Light Output Ratio.
  • Constant lumen output function eliminates depreciation of the source over lifetime.
  • L2 compliant.
  • ECA compliant.


  • Available with R11H (presence detection) and R44SA (presence detection and daylight regulation) sensors.
  • Programmable from ground level with the Dexeco REA-AP remote control.


  • Custom trim sizes allow for installation in a range of canopy apertures minimising modifications required to the canopy and therefore reducing the cost of installation.
  • Range of lumen outputs and beam distributions allows for one for one installation at a range of heights and spaces ensuring the wiring and canopies do not need to be modified.


Two beam angles, lumen outputs and sensor options available to allow you to customise the Kanopy to suit your canopy height and luminaire layout.

For further information on the Kanopy fitting or any Dexeco lighting products, please contact us.

Kanopy Installation
Kanopy Installation

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