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Industrial PCs and HMIs

Keep a closer eye on automation…

Today’s operating and monitoring concepts involve much more than just interfaces for interacting with machines and systems. Intelligent, networked, high-performance, and robust systems ensure that even complex control and visualisation tasks can increasingly be processed in the control cabinet or on the machine directly in the field. To this end, Phoenix Contact offers an extensive portfolio of innovative technology:

  • HMI devices that come in many sizes and degrees of protection – and are just as versatile as your systems.
  • High-performance industrial PCs in compact, hard-wearing housings with the latest processors.
  • Intuitively operated software for control, visualisation, and networking tasks.

Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive HMI for accessing your photovoltaic system or want to network and control multiple robot cells in a production line directly on site, Phoenix Contact solutions help you keep a closer eye on automation.

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Do you want to expand your automation solution by adding a remote operation and monitoring unit? Our comprehensive portfolio provides HMI devices for simple operating data displays right up to high-end visualisations. And in every performance class, you will benefit from our many years of automation expertise and our hallmark of quality: Made by Phoenix Contact.

  • HMIs for modern web applications - Touch panels for software and system-independent web visualisation, including JavaScript.
  • HMIs for WedVisit software - Touch display for displaying operating data in alphanumeric form right through to graphics-capable devices as an entry into process visualisation.
  • HMIs for Visu+ software - Versatile touch panels for the visualization of sophisticated, graphics-intensive applications with the Visu+ software.

Industrial PCs (iPC)

Today, modern industrial PCs are indispensable in industrial environments. Together with the right software, they form the heart of many automation systems. Make use of high-performance computer technology for your system and benefit from the numerous advantages offered by a robust, configurable solution for control, operation, and monitoring.

  • Box PC - Compact, highly robust industrial PCs with versatile configuration options, for installation in the control cabinet.

  • Panel PC - Flat panel PCs for front panel installation. With a range of display sizes and touch display for entering information conveniently.
  • Panel PC in IP65 - Attractive terminal solutions with multi-touch operation, powerful processors, and all-round protection against dust and water. For use directly on the system.
  • Rack mount PC - Powerful 19” Rackmount PCs for data acquisition and management, measurement, visualisation or processing of large volumes of data in industrial image processing.

For further information on the Phoenix iPC/HMI range a brochure can be downloaded below (5MB). Please contact us to discuss your application or to arrange a demo.


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