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​Flexible Wireless Solution - WLAN the standard for wireless Ethernet

​Flexible Wireless Solution - WLAN the standard for wireless Ethernet

Benefit from flexible and reliable automation solutions – with industrial WLAN products from Phoenix Contact. Wireless Ethernet is the ideal solution for large systems or mobile machines – safe, high level of performance, and maintenance friendly.

Your advantages

  • Create industrial WLAN networks easily and reliably – with intuitive planning and configuration concepts
  • Particularly secure, thanks to the latest security standards and encryption
  • Ideal for networks with a large number of devices, thanks to powerful technology
  • Suitable for time-critical applications, such as PROFINET or safety, thanks to low latency and QoS (Quality of Service) prioritization
  • Maximum mobility: with fast roaming functions
  • Flexible in physical terms, thanks to ranges covering several kilometres

Mobile Communication

Phoenix Contact WLAN 5100, wireless Ethernet
Phoenix Contact WLAN 5100, wireless Ethernet

WLAN is synonymous with mobile communication. Use Factoryline WLAN networks for the inexpensive, quick, and easy installation of your wireless Ethernet infrastructure.

  • Fast and reliable data exchange with automatic logistics systems, such as electric overhead conveyor systems or high-rack transport vehicles
  • High-performance communication with stacker terminals and vehicles in large halls or open spaces
  • Increased productivity, thanks to realtime access to maintenance information and network resources from any location
  • Versatile communication infrastructure, can be used in parallel for data, video, and voice transmission

Networks covering several kilometres

Combine our WLAN devices with the extensive range of industrial antennas and accessories. This enables the implementation of stable and high-performance data links over distances of up to several kilometers. There are a wide range of possible applications:

  • Connection of automation components and sensors in remote plants via Ethernet
  • Supplying buildings that are difficult to access or temporary buildings with an Ethernet connection
  • Increasing the fault tolerance of cable-based networks, thanks to redundant wireless paths

High security standards reliably protect all your WLAN Ethernet networks against unauthorised access.

For further information on wireless Ethernet, please do not hesitate to contact us

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