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Easywire - Multifunction Metering System, ‘Save time, save money’

Introducing a unique concept that dramatically reduces the wiring/installation time of multifunction power meters and current transformers. Imagine an installation time of 15 minutes per meter as opposed to the usual 60 minutes, offering the end customer:-

• Substantial labour savings.

• Elimination of wiring errors.

• Increased safety. Internal circuitry limits high voltages if current transformer is disconnected under load.

• No need for current transformer shorting terminals.

• Proven design - successfully in service.

• Simple plug-in connection for both current and voltage inputs/outputs.

• Reduced testing time.

• Choice of 5 three phase current transformer frame sizes.

• Choice of 2 meter designs.

• Less qualified installers required.

• Fully EMC tested and CE certified.

• Supplied with or without cables to suit your requirements.

“Save Time, Save Money”

These savings are made possible due to the innovative design of both the current transformers and the meters, which allow plug in connectors to be used for both current and voltage input/output. An RJ45 lead is used for connecting between the three phase current transformer and meter, and ‘readymade’ plug in leads are used for the voltage input. The meters are provided with both input and output voltage connections which allow up to 32 meters to be daisy chained to a common supply voltage via the first meter.

Why we use the Easywire metering system over the conventional method?

The Easywire metering system has numerous advantages over the traditional metering solutions. Primarily we use Easywire because it offers total flexibility of installation, massive labour savings against traditional methods and the increased safety features . The metering devices have an excellent backlit display that can be viewed from various angles and the easy plug and play system makes it perfect for on-site maintenance or the addition of extra devices.

What is unique about the Easywire system?

First and foremost would be the increased safety using the Easywire system. The fact that the shunt is now located within the current transformer rather than the meter, means that the possibility of high voltages during open circuit conditions is no longer a factor, due to the secondaries always being loaded. As well as this you have components built in to provide you with complete redundancy should a resistor fail. This offers complete ‘peace of mind’ to the engineers installing or maintaining these products. Another added advantage of this is that we no longer require current transformer shorting links.

Why choose the Easywire solution over the competition?

Again there are several reasons why we choose the Easywire system. Apart from the obvious safety features outlined above, the competitions system use current transformers that have either a 5 Amp or a 1 Amp secondary voltage whereas the Easywire system has a 330mV secondary giving guaranteed safety to the installer. The quality of LCD display and the ability to view it clearly from all angles and the built in pulse/RS485 Modbus communications, not to mention the range of easily obtained accessories make product selection simple and an obvious choice.

Easywire Metering System
For further information on the Easywire metering system you can download a brochure below or contact us to arrange a demo.

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