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Cyber security - Secure industrial networks

Secure industrial networks - The innovative shield for your system: Routers with integrated Firewall & VPN

Protect your systems against unauthorised access by people or malware. mGuard products from Phoenix Contact protect your system network with a powerful, flexible, and fast firewall. In addition, the optional VPN function enables secure connections over the Internet to remote sites or machines.

Your advantages

  • Maximum safety level with stateful inspection firewall and deep packet inspection
  • Easy and secure remote maintenance, thanks to VPN connection and IPsec protocol
  • High performance with a data throughput of up to 99 Mbps
  • Wide range of possible applications: as a compact DIN rail module, in PCI format or as a portable device with USB supply
  • Grows in line with your requirements, thanks to licenses and function extensions

Securely protect industrial systems

Companies can only be successful if their systems function reliably: system failures, sabotage or data loss can lead to a great deal of economic damage. It is therefore essential that such failures are prevented.With mGuard, Phoenix Contact offers a range of security appliances for various applications, such as secure remote maintenance or secure access by service team members, to optimally protect industrial systems against security issues.

The mGuard product range

Depending on requirements, Phoenix Contact offers various hardware and software products for network security:

  • DIN rail devices and PCI cards
  • Portable hardware, desktop devices, and 19” devices as remote stations for mGuard field devices
  • License options
  • Central management software
  • Secure VPN client
  • Cloud solutions

DIN rail devices

FL MGUARD RS2000: the security routers offer a simple “2-​​click​” firewall and up to two parallel, IPsec encrypted VPN tunnels. Its scope of functions is kept to the essentials and is primarily suited to secure remote maintenance in industrial applications

FL MGUARD RS4000: thanks to the intelligent firewall and up to 250 ​​IPsec​​-encrypted VPN tunnels, the ​security appliances​ offer an extended range of functions. They enable high-end security for demanding high-availability scenarios and complex security architectures.

​FL MGUARD GT/GT: the security routers feature similar functions to the devices from the RS4000 series. What is more, they are also gigabit-compatible. In addition to RJ45 ports, they also offer SFP ports for flexible use of single mode and multimode fiberglass cables.
mGuard firmware offers the following functions on all mGuard security appliances:

Scope of functions

  • Stateful inspection firewall
  • User firewall
  • Routing with NAT (Network Address Translation) and 1:1-NAT
  • High-security IPsec Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for secure remote access
  • Packet prioritization by means of Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Integrity monitoring of Windows file systems for protection against malware
  • Network management support

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