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CLIPLINE complete - The modular terminal block system for all applications

CLIPLINE complete

All connection technologies, one system…

With CLIPLINE complete, the unique modular terminal block system from Phoenix Contact, the choice of connection technology is yours. The following connection methods are available:

  • Universal UT screw connection
  • Simple PT push-in connection
  • Compact ST spring-cage connection
  • Fast QT QUICKON connection
  • Robust RT bolt connection
  • Plug-in COMBI connection solutions

UT screw connection

Universal in every application. The screw connection technology is characterised by the multiple conductor connection and extremely high contact forces. The screw connection technology is known and accepted worldwide and can be used everywhere.

PT push-in connection

PT is the new generation of modular terminal blocks in the CLIPLINE complete system. Now you can directly wire conductors from 0.34 mm2 extremely easily and without tools. The special contact spring allows easy insertion and ensures a high level of contact quality.

ST spring-cage connection

The proven connection technology for applications that are sensitive to vibration. The spring-cage always exerts the same constant force on the conductor, regardless of the influence of the operator. Wiring is easy using the space-saving front connection.

QT QUICKON fast connection

Connect the conductor without stripping. The fast connection technology represents up to a 60% reduction in wiring time. The conductor is connected easily, reliably, and quickly with just one turn of a standard screwdriver.

RT bolt connection

Robust connection for conductors with ring cable lugs. RT combines the bolt connection with the advantages of the CLIPLINE complete system, such as easy potential distribution through plug-in bridges, large marking surfaces, and uniform test accessories.

COMBI plug-in connections

Plug-in connections for the most stringent universal demands. The nominal current of the connected conductor can be carried through the plug-in contact. Plug-in connectors and basic terminal blocks with four connection technologies can be freely combined with each other, thanks to the uniform plug-in zone.

The consistent function shaft in the CLIPLINE complete modular terminal block system gives you a high degree of flexibility and simplifies project planning and configuration of the control cabinet. All terminal blocks with the various connection technologies can be freely combined with one another. Bridging, marking, and test accessories are standardised and can considerably reduce your logistics costs.

For further information on the CLIPLINE range from Phoenix Contact or our supported pricing offer for systems builders please contact us. A brochure on the range can be downloaded below.


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