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Biometric Switch - Harmony XB5S from Schneider Electric

Simple, reliable and efficient, the Harmony biometric switch enables the restriction of access to sensitive zones and machine functions to only authorised personnel.

Improve security of your daily operations

Harmony XB5S is an innovative biometric switch that uses fingerprint authentication to control access to your machines, vehicles, and rooms. The database of authorized users can be managed directly on the device or externally via a PC or HMI interface. The Harmony XB5S switch enables you to determine

the level of access to different process areas and individual HMI menu tabs.

Quick and reliable access verification

Using fingerprint recognition, the Harmony XB5S biometric switch is a competitive alternative to other access control systems that do not provide sufficient levels of protection for your process functions and personnel.

Simple, reliable and efficient

Harmony XB5S enables you to restrict access to sensitive zones and machine functions (starting, adjustment, maintenance, etc.) to authorized personnel only.

Mitigate risk of unauthorized use and associated downtime

The Harmony XB5S biometric switch is an automated solution that ensures that only the entitled persons attend to your key process areas.

This allows you to prevent unwarranted machine use, helping you to protect your staff, equipment, and the continuity of your production process.

Control access to your critical assets and areas:

  • Can you modify a specific process? - Yes, if you’re authorized. With Harmony XB5S, you can identify, authorize and track user operations on HMIs
  • Can you operate an automated line? - Yes, if you’re authorized. With Harmony XB5S, you can improve security of your automated lines and tool machines
  • Can you access a robot area? - Yes, if you’re authorized. With Harmony XB5S, you can control access to restricted areas.
  • Can you drive a forklift? - Yes, if you’re authorized. With Harmony XB5S, you can prevent unwarranted access to the start function of special vehicles

Flexible and secure management of user permissions

Harmony XB5S1/2

  • Parameterizing and recording directly on front face of device using LED signalling

Harmony XB5S3/4/5

  • Visualization, saving and duplication of the authorized user database is now possible via HMI or PC and dedicated software
  • Easy addition and deletion of user permissions
  • Data transfer secured by administrator approval
  • Database encrypted to prevent unwarranted use of personal data

For further information on the Schneider Electric Harmony XB5S Biometric switches please contact us or download the product brochure below.


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