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TATA Steel


TATA is a customer-focused, innovative, value-driven company which manufactures, processes, and distributes steel products and services to customers worldwide. This contract, which involved the upgrading of lighting at four main buildings within the company’s Lisburn plant, was awarded through tough competition against a number of pre-selected lighting specialists.

“That’s particularly pleasing considering that TATA is Europe’s second largest steel producer and a major player in the UK,” explained Mark Goldsbrough, Sales Director at

AJ Hurst. “With innovation and continuous improvement at the heart of its business performance, TATA knew exactly what they wanted from the lighting upgrade and actually specified the lux levels required for the job.”

The four buildings in which the new lighting has been installed are the Strip building, the Regional building, the Shot-Blast building and the Ebay building.

The company had previously been using 400 watt metal halide lamps in each of these buildings and so AJ Hurst’s solution was to replace them with a mixture of T5 240watt and 320watt lamps from Dexeco, a selection of which have been fitted with movement sensors. A total of 273 new fittings have now been installed against the original 285.

“We had to be particularly flexible with regards to the installation work on this job as the operational procedures being carried out at the plant on a daily basis meant that all work had to be scheduled and programmed well in advance,” continued Mark. “Another particular challenge was the fact that one of the buildings was actually being re-roofed during the contract period.”

The completed works has resulted in major savings for the company, in the region of £30,000 per annum.

“That’s also a considerable reduction in terms of emissions,” added Mark.

“Here at TATA, Lisburn we have found working with AJ Hurst on our energy saving lighting project to be a very professional experience,” said Kevin O’Hare, Finance Controller, TATA Ireland. “They were chosen because of their knowledge and expertise and they have been extremely attentive and efficient during the process. The installation with their partners, Axon, has also been smooth and flexible, and we look forward to reaping the predicted benefits of 50% running costs once commissioning is completed in the near future.”

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