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Niche Drinks

Enhancing and streamlining production processes


Niche Drinks are a small independent Irish owned drinks manufacturer based in Derry, Northern Ireland. Since 1983 they have been producing Cream Liqueurs, Irish coffee and Ready to Drink Cocktails of the highest quality for their retail partners in the UK & Ireland, Europe and the USA. Additionally they work with multinational drinks companies to help them create brands for them to market and sell from across the world. At the end of the 19th century and well into the early 20th century Derry was a world leader in whiskey production and the Watts Distillery at Abbey Street was the largest distillery in Ireland. Niche Drinks aim to revive that proud tradition of whiskey production and the opening of the first distillery to be built in Derry in 200 years. They have recently been granted planning permission to build a new £15m distillery on the outskirts of Derry which will source locally, produced grain for its whiskey production area.

Mr Lloyd Doherty is the Engineering Supervisor for Niche Drinks and therefore has responsibility for design, sourcing, purchasing, final installation and commissioning the plant and panel equipment. “The reason I choose AJ Hurst and Phoenix Contact for an initial project was not only the strength and depth of the product offer but the excellent level of service and support I received from all parties” explained Mr Doherty “The willingness to help at every stage of the project whether it’s during sourcing, researching, problem solving or a quick call/email to check up on how new installs were progressing gave us the confidence to integrate the Phoenix Contact product offer out across our entire manufacturing process”

To find out more about how Niche Drinks Ltd have used Phoenix Contact products to enhance, streamline and simplify their production and automation processes please download the complete application story.

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