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Texa Climate Controls is a subsidiary of PAVARINI which was founded in 1956 as a manufacturer of components and agricultural machinery. In 2001 Pavarini diversified and added a range of cooling systems for electric enclosures and chillers for industrial fluids, which they branded Texa.

Texa are now a leading Italian manufacturer of cooling products for the electrical control panel industry and electronics industry. Their number one priority is providing excellent quality, reliable and environmentally friendly products. The constant research of new technology, product evolution in harmony with a more and more environmentally friendly and energy saving concepts, makes Texa the company that keeps customer’s needs and goals as the main reference of its own philosophy even in a more and more competitive globalised world.

“Having many years experience as a partner of AJ Hurst, we have found that the added value they bring to our product range through their knowledge and experience of the marketplace has been an immense benefit to our business.”

Neil Bayley - Managing Director - ECC Ltd

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