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Glamox Luxo Lighting are a leading supplier of lighting solutions to the professional building market, offering complete product ranges for schools, healthcare facilities, commercial and industrial buildings, retail facilities, hotels and restaurants.

They offer a range of lighting brands, and provide our customers with expert advice and solutions. Their products are engineered for easy mounting, with modern electronic components and light sources for the best energy efficiency and economy. The lighting solutions help create the experience of comfortable, flexible and stimulating working environments – enhancing efficiency and performance, while taking care of individual needs.

All products and solutions are developed and tested by Glamox engineers at their own research and testing facilities, and manufactured and certified in accordance with all relevant quality and environmental standards. They are based on the latest technology and expertise – and generations of experience.

AJ Hurst specialise in Glamox Luxo Healthcare solutions. Healthcare premises are very demanding environments for the lighting designer. The wide variety of tasks being performed and the vast differentials in physical abilities of those using the premises demands a number of different lighting solutions. New drugs or treatments are given much attention, while good lighting is lower down on the priority list. We should not underestimate the effects of lighting on human health, well-being and ability to perform.

While governing standards and building regulations provide guides to minimum light conditions, they are no substitute for proper planning and experience. With our expertise we can supply a design scheme that harmonises the requirements of the staff with the needs of the patient.

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