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Collingwood Lighting is a design led business, who believe in challenging the boundaries of light and exploring innovative ways to master it. Their core thought is at the heart of the relationship with its customers. It represents their commitment to find better and smarter ways to do business. They constantly look out for ways to evolve and improve – to make things simpler, quicker, more responsive, efficient and cost effective for customers.

There are more than 1,000 people working around the world dedicated to fulfilling the vision to provide Collingwood Lighting customers with the best LED lighting solutions imaginable. They’re guided by integrity, devotion to invention and their constant mantra to use light to enrich the customers’ surroundings. In this rapidly changing technological world, they are determined to provide you with the lighting products you need to keep you at the cutting edge of your market. Our forward thinking and sharp approach helps you do this.

Their advanced, precision-engineered luminaires are created from ceaselessly enquiring minds, minute attention to detail, and a determination to meet our customers’ needs.

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